Tuesday , July 27 2021

Tech expert: This is the first door to hacking your mobile phone

Ali Al-Qahtani (Echo):

Technical expert Faisal Al-Saif uncovered the first door where a person could suffer a breach of their mobile data

During the “Liwan” program, Al-Saif said: “The username and password on iCloud must be unique to him and not shared with any store, even if it has been repaired or programmed.”

Faisal Al-Saif emphasized that this is the first gateway to penetration and said, “You can easily enter all your information and put apps to help it.

Emphasizing that the safest place to store data is the hard disk, he stated that the mobile phone could be a “mobile spy”.

Regarding cloud services, Al-Saif said, “If you want to be confident and have nothing to fear, it is one of the best services and you need to know the cloud service you are using and if it comes from Saudi Arabia authorized companies, we know our data in the Kingdom.

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