Tuesday , January 19 2021

Tarek Lutfi gave the date for the show "122" to Masrawy. Separated from "dark white"

Arabic Books Mr.:
Artist Tarek Lotfi confirmed that the new film "122" will be released on January 3rd at the request of the producer.

Lutfi told Masrawy in a special statement that the work was distributed in the Gulf in connection with its introduction as a film show in Egypt.

In the course of the events, Lotfi is involved in the work of Amina Khalil, Ahmed Daoud, Ahmed El Fişya and Asma Galal, turning the character and life of a psychiatrist, who has been exposed to many situations in the hospital where he works.

And his participation in the lad Dark White mas franchise confirmed a long time ago that he apologized for the series, knew nothing about postponement of the project or the cessation of the project, and the work of Mustafa Jamal Hashim, directed by Muhammad Salama.

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