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Saudi riyals updated constantly in banks on 17-11-2018 Saturday


In the following article we show you the most important news:
Banks at the Riyal Exchange Rate on November 17, 2018, in Saudi Arabia.

We offer you Saudi Riyal Exchange Rates Today 17-11-2018 On Saturday, banks were given a continuous update Price of Saudi Arabia in Egypt Saudi Arabia is traded in Riyadh Egypt, so Egypt is a powerful Egyptian community working in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia differs from one bank to another, because in each bank prices are set based on the supply and demand mechanism, which varies from one bank to another and therefore lead to different prices, but these differences are very small. Exceeds several piaster.

Ratio of Saudi Arabian riyali to banks on Saturday 17-11-2018

The Saudi currency is in a stable state in Egyptian banks, with the end of the pilgrimage season, it has become a normal supply and demand in the Egyptian money market. Saudi Riyal Exchange Rates Today Cairo Bank 4.76 from 4.79 pounds sales price, while the following table Saudi Riyali Rates All public and private banks.

Saudi Rial Rate in Egyptian Banks Today

Highest price to buy: 4.77

Egyptian Gulf Bank

Lowest price: 4.72

Arab Bank

Bank Exchange Price Last Updated Date Egyptian Gulf Bank 4.77 4.79 A Day Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 4.77 4.80 A Day Suez Canal Bank 4.77 4.79 Days Bank Audi 4.77 4.79 Two Days Arab International Bank 4.76 4.79 Days Bloom Bank 4.76 4.79 2 Hours HSBC HSBC 4.76 4.79 month Egyptian Central Bank 4.76 4.79 One day Egyptian National Bank 4.76 4.78 3 weeks Cairo 4.76 4.79 3 weeks Egypt 4.76 4.77 A Day Arab Investment Bank AIB 4.75 4.79 A Day Egyptian Agricultural Bank 4.74 4.79 5 days Egyptian Export Development Bank 4.74 4.79 Days A Commercial International Bank (CIB) 4.74 4.79 Days Individual Bank 4.74 4.79 Days Mashreq Bank 4.74 4.79 One day Loan Agricole 4.74 4.79 3 weeks Bank Misr Iran Development 4.74 One day Kuwait National Bank 4.74 4.79 Days National Bank of Greece 4.74 4.80 Two days Arab African International Bank 4.73 4.79 3 days Egyptian Arab Bank 4.73 4.83 Days Alexandria Bank 4.73 4.78 Days NBK NBK 4.73 4.79 Day Housing and Development Bank 4.70 4.79 6 months Al Baraka Bank 4.69 4.83 23 Hours Arab Bank 4.67 4.72 One Year

Saudi riyal today in the black market

Different Saudi Arabia's price on the black market Currency traders have official prices at Egyptian banks, because Saudi currency traders are taking advantage of the citizens of this currency and thus raising the price of sales and purchases. Saudi riyal today in the black market The purchase price of EGP is 4.77, while the price of government banks is 3 servings.

Saudi Riyal Exchange Rates Today

Saudi Rial Forecast for Future Period

Since the Central Bank of 2016, the Egyptian banks swam in the dollar and therefore all the shares swim. Arab and foreign currencies, It Was Saudi Riyali Rates With the increase in demand, subject to the law of supply and demand Saudi Rial The price in Hajj and Umrah increases slightly and decreases with the decrease in demand, so the price fluctuations and at any time a change exhibition and can be expected in banks or black market.

Updated: Latest Saudi Riyal news

stability Saudi Riyal Currency Converter Today Saturday 17-11-2018 Weekend, the banks became the second in the weekend. Rial Rate today Suez was 4.77 per buyer in the Canal Bank, while the selling price was 4.79 lira, while the purchase price and 4.80 Turkish lira in Kuwait National Bank and the price of 4.80 pounds were among the reasons for this stability. price is.

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