Friday , August 19 2022

Rare pictures of late painter Jamil Rateb before marrying Monica Montever


The death of Jamil Rateb, the great painter of Egypt, one of the sad events this year, is the sadness of all the denominations of the Egyptian people after a long journey leading to many works of art appreciated and appreciated by the public.

But perhaps not much is known, the story of the marriage of the late French woman "Monica Montever" to her and her love for her, "Althammi Hany", according to the late business manager Jamil Rateb, is Paris, the capital of France. Theatrical performance shown in a theater.

Champs I was once married by the French woman Monica Montever, who was once the director of the Champs-Elysées. He was also a representative and producer of a game with a lot of human activity, but we didn't have children, aktiv he says on a television show. I lived in marriage for art. "

Jamil Rateb died on Wednesday (September 19th) at the age of 92 after a conflict with the disease.

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