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Rabah Sakr is on his birthday .. The career bus is what he collects with Stations and this Umm Kulthum


Rabah Saqr celebrated his 58th birthday on November 6, but this time the concert of Rabeh was different, he celebrated his voice and video with his official account on Rotana, Twitter, and celebrated the night of Rabaher_Sqqar's # night. On the occasion of her fans 'and admirers' birthday, the comments and tweets remember her great artistic achievements that have enriched the art scene for more than 30 years.
In most of his concerts, he is indispensable in military greetings and in a pleasant dialogue with the public. Maestro Maestro Hani Farahat, in addition to his connection with electronics, is a constant element that leads the group in concerts and is not part of the funny sense of ın Saqr Ma; This is distinguished by his expression and continuing gestures, by the lightness of the shadow, by painting a smile on the characteristics of his wide audience, and by the fact that his concerts are not given only as Rabah.
Besides lyrical art, Rabah-Eban is an amateur music distributor and a lover of Maestro. His works include: Rashed Al Majid, Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Kuwaitia, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Abadi Al Jawhar, Abdul Karim Abdul Qader and Rabab.
A music album was released in 2006, including a song titled u Carrying You standart, the song was shot in a video clip and reached high standards in distribution. Gulf artist album with a song.

Rabeh Saqr

In the 1980s, especially in 1983 Rabah launched his first album, "Ya Nasim El Layl" (Night's Night), which was the masterpiece of Rabah, the son of the eastern region. The song "Ya Nasim al-Layl" recorded in Kuwait was recorded in Kuwait and was often a song. It became a necessity in concerts and musical sessions, and was always provided despite the delivery of a very long time.
The artist, who has given more than 30 albums, more than 50 concerts and 28 video clips throughout his musical career, was able to present an album titled "Rabah 2002" which reached high numbers due to the technical conditions that have been going on since 1996. He focused his art on the sales and the distribution of the art stars in the Arab world, and constituted the most important turning point in his career.
Among the stations he pursued, we learned that his concerts did not take very long since his and his tickets expired in a very short period of time, that each side had a strong relationship with the winner and confirmed that Fayyad was full of love and emotion.

The story of Umm Kulthum
In 2015, Saqr presented his album titled isim An Element of Meanings rol, but the album was a memory of the East Planet Umm Kulthum. Al Hawa Ghallab "to say a trick with" Among Ideaouni "and" Love Well ". The song becomes a requirement through radio channels and YouTube channels.
Rabah managed to create a beautiful musical idea with a musical diversity. In a new melody, he is trying to create a line that is compatible with all the art lovers. He continues to surprise his audience with his extraordinary music distribution. With a completely different and unconventional vision due to the great experience gained after losing his life in the service of Saudi art.
At the end of 2017, Rabah Saqr, son of Al Ahsa in the eastern region, performed a music concert with a music concert in which he responded to his long-awaited calls to play one of his finest concerts on a magnificent musical evening that extended until the early hours of the morning.
The winner of the song da Enta Malak ler, the national song of the last two years, has become an important element in all of his concerts. "Saqr" was one of the most important participants in the Janadriya celebrations and participated in many national studies including "Amjad Al Muhid", "Kifah Ajyal", "Loyal Victory", "Good Gulf", "Imams and Kings".

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