Tuesday , October 19 2021

Prosecutors demand the murder of a person ordering Khashoggi's guilt


Citizen – Riyadh

The prosecution in Turkey in early October last year & # 39; the late author, Jamal Köşegeş & # 39; In the case of the murder of 5 people demanded the death penalty.

The prosecution stated that five people who had organized the order of the murder and four people had started the crime, and that the plan of the offense occurred on 2 October was September 29th. It is also begun.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the commander of the task of re-establishing Khashoggi decided to appoint him to kill him if they could not convince him to return to the Kingdom.

Lawyer-Attorney General Criminal Saud made a statement today: yürüt According to the Saudi-Turkish Joint Task Force, investigations carried out by the Public Prosecutor with 21 prisoners in this case were suspended after the prosecution of three people. (11) they were charged with criminal proceedings and investigations continued with the rest of the detainees in order to reach the facts of the case, the facts and the events, and one of them was commenced on the offense of killing and killing them (5). Due to Oz.

In this context, the Public Prosecutor, 10.25.2018 and 11350/9995 dated 02/16/1440 and 17/10/2018 dates corresponding to the A / S corresponding to the date No. 7841 dated 08.10.1440 the Republic of Turkey HE & # 39; s he wants to indicate that he has already applied to his brothers. The Turkish side's evidence and evidence, including the existence of all the audio recordings of the Turkish side, dated 31/10/2018 and numbered 22/2/1440, were presented and a special cooperation mechanism was signed with the Turkish side to ensure the findings of the investigations. Demanding evidence and evidence that support or contradict the conclusions of the system and the results achieved for their use.

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