Friday , October 7 2022

Press conference to announce the upcoming Monday "Love Biography" Balloon Theater


Arts & Crafts, Dr. A few days before the opening of the biggest show of the musical review of Balig Hamdi & # 39; s biography of the musician Balig Hamdi, who celebrated the centenary of the past quarter, Adel Abdo held a press conference on Monday at 19:00, details of his play "Biography of Love". .

The conference will be held in the presence of the Director. Adel Abdu and her stars Ehab Fahmy, Marwa Nagy, the protagonist of a number of works written by Magdy Sobhy and Ahmad Aldmrdash and Ayman al-Hakim and studied the events of Baligh Hamdi's lives and voices Balhig Hamdi, especially Umm Kulthum and Halim and a companion trip In addition to Rose and Mohammed Rushdie and Sheikh Sayed Nukchabendi, they were also singing musicians, singing stars. As the characters and musician Riyad el-Sunbati show the value shown, the great Mohamed Abdel Wahab reveals the exciting secrets of the life of one of the most famous Egyptian songs and the most talented Balig Hamdi. ..

Game designed by d. Mohamed El Banhawy and Maestro Mohamed contain a large number of Baligh Progress (Live) the most beautiful tunes through a band led by Abu Al Ezid .

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