Saturday , June 25 2022

On international day, wars, crises and Covid are obstacles to sound mental health


The celebration of World Mental Health Day, which falls on 10 October each year, has had a mixed impact on the mental health of citizens, from the grief of the loss of family and friends to the control of unemployment anxiety and fear of the future. even giving sanity, the ability to self-review and re-run accounts.

Consultant psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Ahmed Esmat said that the Corona virus crisis has a great positive side on mental health, as studies have proven that the Corona crisis benefits the mental health of those with a strong economic status. The emphasis on Corona, as it gives them rest, sanity, the ability to self-review and recalculate, has caused some groups of isolation-related mental illnesses, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Estimates from before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic showed that depression and anxiety alone accounted for about $1 trillion in annual economic productivity loss, while research shows that for every $1 spent on evidence-based care for depression and anxiety, $5 generates revenue. dollar. According to the World Health Organization website.

Esmat added that the cases of loss and death caused by the Corona crisis can give a person new meanings that they cannot find in others, including self-confidence, caring for what they have, and setting goals. He drew attention to a launch and renewal of energy and activity in all areas of life after the setback during the Corona crisis.

Esmat pointed out that the family, which is the first and most important factor on human mental health, is the biggest beneficiary of the Corona crisis as the houses are filled with family members and the friendships between its members improve their mental health. .

A consultant psychiatrist and neurologist stated that wars and crises have important effects on mental health, noting that the issue is not limited to the countries where these wars and crises exist, but also spread to the world, which has become a small world. the village whose inhabitants are affected by images of the mind and hearing, which reach them and cause psychological illnesses such as anxiety, unjustified tension, obsession, panic and depression, and the spread of murders.

According to the United Nations website, around one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder, and suicide kills about 800,000 people a year, one every 40 seconds.

Esmat added that in the past, cases of depression appeared at the age of 25-30, but now research and studies have proven that depression begins at the age of 12, it is a scary thing, it is the result of wars and wars. crises. Warning that mental illness can change from behavior to personality traits.

The Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted or suspended critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide at a time when demand for these services has increased. According to the World Health Organization.

Emphasizing that the volume of expenditures made by Arabs on mental health is insufficient, and that most countries spend on things similar to mental health in conferences and seminars, Esmat noted that, for example, American companies spend 70 percent of their budget on this. Moral education as taught in their curriculum Values ​​and spending materials that positively affect the mental health of citizens.

Countries spend on average less than 2% of their national health budgets on mental health, and although development aid for mental health has increased in recent years, it has never exceeded 1% of development assistance for health. According to the United Nations website.

Relatively few people worldwide have access to quality mental health services, and only 25% of people with mental illness in low- and middle-income countries receive treatment for their condition. According to the United Nations website

Esmat defined the 5 axes of psychological literacy: self-confidence, transforming the energy of anger and irritability into positive energy, being able to make the right decision at the right time, managing psychological stress positively, and balance in relationships.

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