Thursday , May 19 2022

News 24 Watch .. Thus the Royal Commission monitors the "air quality" in the industrial Yanbu atmosphere


imageThe Royal Commission of the Industrial City of Yanbu pointed out how the quality of the surrounding air in the urban atmosphere was monitored, and since the 1980s, it has maintained air quality and meteorological data and has become an important reference for the scientific research centers of the kingdom.

Since its inception, the Corporation has ensured the harmony between human safety and health and industrial development and sustainable environmental development, and has established a number of air quality control stations and is geographically scientific and considerate.

Since its inception, it has opened a sixth factory to add it to the stations it established and is located in the residential areas to measure the level of emissions from factories.

It also monitors weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction and relative humidity, as well as monitoring of elements such as plant, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, suspended particles, ozone. Amount of rain and solar radiation and atmospheric pressure density.

There are five steps to measure air quality:

1. To measure emissions and air quality, insert sensor into sensor.

2. To reduce the humidity in the air, the sample drawn from the air is directly divided into several tubes.

3. Air passes through filters to remove impurities before entering quality indicators.

4 – Each station has several devices, each of which specializes to measure the gas emissions component, each station contains data storage per hour.

5. Existing observable readings were analyzed and compared to international air quality standards.

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