Monday , May 16 2022

Megan Markle's sister, sister Harry, is full of joy


Crown Prince Prince Prince Harry 's wife Duchess Sussex Megan Markle' s sister is preparing to prepare a book about Megan & # 39; s Lies, right after Megan 's birth.

55-year-old Samantha Markle captures the joy of her sister Prince Harry with their baby in April or May of next year, releasing her new book, The Duchess The Duchess.

Samantha said that her book encompasses everything and doesn't keep a secret, telling the world the truth of the lies, saying, "The book covers everything that goes on in the scenes."

Megan's sister announced that she was the victim of virtual bullying after a royal wedding in May, targeting online trolls, and said the book had to postpone the book to accommodate a large number of items she wanted to include and would reflect the other viewpoint of the book.

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Source: Echo newspaper

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