Tuesday , August 9 2022

Kate Middleton wears a dress six years ago


Thank you for wearing a dress that I wore six years ago about Kate Middleton, and now to read about the details.

Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, looks like she likes to wear her clothes more than once. The Duke of Cambridge on Thursday looked at the dress she wore in 2012 six years ago.

Kate Middleton, with her husband Prince William, attended the Tusk Conservation Awards in Banqueting House, London, and had a second red-green dress signed by British designer Jenny Beckham. Italian.


The dress is distinguished by a wavy silk fabric, short mufflers made of lace and a belt at the waist adorned with precious stones.

To complete his elegant appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge chose high-heeled gold sandals and a small bag of the same suit color from his signature of Cambridge Choir.


This wasn't the first time Kate ever wore the same dress, she wore it at a ceremony held in London at the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of the Olympic Games opening in London.

It's been six years since Kate Middleton first worn this dress, and she has three kids, but it's still great.



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