Friday , July 23 2021

It’s not free. Harry and Meghan cost millions to meet

The newspaper pointed out that the American channel paid an amount ranging from $ 7-9 million to private media production company Oprah Winfrey to earn the rights to broadcast the interview.Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson said the couple had not been compensated for the interview.

According to the agreement with Winfrey, the “CBS” network owns the rights to the interview in global markets, as the interview will be broadcast on Monday in the UK on “ITV” for an uncertain amount of money.

The highly anticipated interview is scheduled to air on Sunday evening, after the famous “60 Minutes” program.

It’s not in vain to pick this date – Sunday nights, when Americans watch TV most, especially CBS.

Exciting fans, CBS released small clips of the two-hour interview.

These are the details that Winfrey contacted Meghan Markle to have a meeting with Meghan Markle before her wedding in 2020, which is a rejected request.

Megan also accused Buckingham Palace of “inculcating slanders” about herself and her husband and said they would not hesitate to publish their own version of the events.

The royal court said he was “extremely worried” in “The Times” reports that said Megan had bullied aides who worked with her two years ago.

However, the couple denied the issue that heightened the importance of the interview, which would reveal the secrets of the relationship in the royal family in England.

The television interview is the first since Harry and Meghan left their royal duties and bought a house in the United States last year.

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