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Here are the tips to pass … Everything you need to know to test your students general abilities


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Students who wish to enroll at the university have to pass the general capacity exam through a measurement center and most students have difficulty passing this successfully.

A talent test is a test for high school students to assess their abilities before they are admitted to the university. This is a test of the National Measurement Center, which measures students' Arabic and mathematical skills and is compulsory for anyone who wants to enroll in the university.

A general capacity test is a test that measures analytical and induction capabilities, ie, focuses on knowledge of learning ability, regardless of the specific skill of a subject. It is presented in Arabic.

The general capacity test is a standardized measure for all students in the last two years of secondary school and is a fair and accurate measure for all and helps post-secondary education institutions to follow the requirements of working in these institutions and select the most talented students to meet their needs.

The test measures analytical and induction capabilities, ie, focuses on the ability to learn, regardless of the specific ability of a subject. It is presented in Arabic and is designed to measure the student's analytical and reasoning ability and to determine the student's ability to learn by measuring the following:

Ability to understand readability.

Perception of logical relationships.

Problem solving skills based on basic mathematical concepts.

Ability to conclude.

Measuring ability.

The test includes a set of math questions: 25 questions, 40% arithmetic, 24% geometry, 23% algebra, 13% analytical and statistical questions The theoretical exam consists of 30 questions, including arithmetic. ).

The second part is linguistic, including linguistic, reading, verbal and contextual errors, 68 questions in scientific specialization and 91 questions in the field of theoretical specialization.

– Gain confidence in God, then achieve your goal and work hard to reach your goal.

– Experiment with similar experiences to test your abilities and apply your questions until you become accustomed to them.

– Self-study on reading and rapid absorption.

– Eliminate anxiety and fear because anxiety is like a rocking chair that doesn't go anywhere.

– Optimism and thinking are necessary to take the test for self-realization, sleep early and be ready for the test period.

– Prepare all necessary documentation for the test (registration card, registration number, receipt of financial fee deposit).

A measurement center, the results of the overall capacity test

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