Friday , May 20 2022

Hani Ramzi's message to El-Hawi after victory against Tunisia


The national team coach Hani Ramzi said he was happy that his Tunisian counterpart scored three goals against two goals in a match at the army stadium in Burj El Arab on Friday evening, part of the fifth round of the 2019 African Nation in Cameroon.

In a statement on the television after the match, Ramzi said: gergin We set a remarkable level in front of Tunisia and managed to get three points in the game. Un We called the players not to be nervous during the meeting and our main goal was to win the game to win the game.

”The Tunisian team was the real test of the technical team, and although there were some mistakes made by the players during the meeting, we were able to emphasize that they would start treatment in the coming period.“

"Aguirre expressed his displeasure with the loss of the Tunisian team during the match," said the Mexican coach, always criticizing the Egyptians for the same reason for some Egyptian players.

Edi At the meeting today, we have won new elements such as Tahir Muhammad Taher, Muhammad Mahmud and Salah Mohsen, “he added, noting that some of the new players, who appeared at a good level with their clubs in the past, will give the opportunity.

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Ramzi confirmed that one of the achievements of the Carthage Eagles match was the success of the team, which made use of fixed balls, and that the goalkeeper Muhammad Al-Shennawi had shown a good level and managed to turn to a goal in the final minutes.

"The team, especially Ahmad Ali, has recently suffered a numerical shortcoming at the center of the attack following the Arab Contractors strike and the damage suffered by the Ahmad Juma striker of the Egyptian Alborceidi. The next period is to solve the attack team to complete the assault Amr Mar & # 39; striker ES Sahel points out that the Tunisian candidate will join the next pharaoh camp.

Waleed Suleiman said: “Waleed Suleiman is in a hurry to make this decision, because we have followed him well in the past, and even the African Nations Championship a week later, we would have joined the player. Kar I want them to be and to withdraw from the decision to retire. Because if he continues to add to his team, he will join the team in the next camps. "

He added: "The national team follows all players of the league clubs run by Joseph Obama and Mahmoud Alaa Zamalek players, but they have their own account at every stage and they will definitely play a part in the team in the coming period."

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Al-Shahat, Egyptian footballer of Al Ain Club, said, önem Today's match was very important, and the most important thing was the gains of occupying the summit of the group. Üb

He added: ayı We were able to quickly regain our goals and then we were able to recover quickly and we took the goals of togetherness and progress, ve she adds, ayı My involvement in the game depends on the technical staff and I respect his perspective.

National team Tunisia 3-1 'Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet'e, Spring defeated Mohammedi & Mohamed Salah and Naeem Al-Saliti scored two goals in Tunisia.

With the victory of the team, the Tunisian team rose to 12 points evenly and a clash broke out against Niger.

Egypt and Tunisia participated in the African Nations Cup in Cameroon in June, before the official match.

The national team today ended the education of the United Arab Emirates' National Day, which was followed by the celebration of the centenary celebrations of the state founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, after the cancellation of the Emirates friendly match, scheduled for 20 November.

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