Wednesday , March 3 2021

Faisal Al-Abd Al-Karim warns about a girl’s account on “Twitter” … and explains the scam method!

Newspaper Al-Marsad: Journalist Faisal Al-Abdulkarim warned about a girl who, in her sixth decade, declared that a businessman wanted to marry a young, educated girl in exchange for a dowry of one million rials and 50,000. rial as a monthly salary.

Al-Abd al-Karim wonders in a tweet he made on his Twitter account that such an advertisement aims to collect data and photos of the girls for malicious purposes, the first being blackmail, stating that these accounts are for financial and social fraud. About the number of people promoting this tweet and the number of girls They sent their data and photos to this anonymous account to marry a wealthy business man.

This came about when a number of media experts in the Kingdom and social networking sites “Twitter” posted warnings about fake and documented accounts that were hacked to fraud and blackmail followers.

Tweeters exchanged copies of documented accounts that had been hacked and hacked to deceive people, including three accounts for public figures, such as tech store accounts to sell followers, others for consultants and loan repayments, and a private account impersonating a princess.

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