Wednesday , June 16 2021

Despite its benefits, a vitamin can put your life at risk

Vitamins are important and beneficial for body health, but there are vitamins that are over-consumed and cause serious health problems, and one of these vitamins is “Vitamins E”.

Despite its importance as an antioxidant, it works to boost metabolism and improve the immune system, according to the “Health Digest” site, which specializes in medical issues.

However, since “Vitamin E” cannot be stored in the body for later use, consuming more vitamin E may cause “vitamin E poisoning”.

The vitamin is fat soluble, which allows it to accumulate in the body as fat over time and you eat large amounts.

Vitamin toxicity can inhibit blood clotting and increase the risk of stroke.

To treat this poisoning condition, you should stop doses of vitamins immediately and rely only on a balanced diet.

An adult needs 15 milligrams of vitamins daily, knowing that they are found in a variety of foods, including nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils such as olive oil.

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