Friday , July 30 2021

Certified certification and business risk insurance for trainees with a clearing record

Citizen – Riyadh

The Human Resources Development Fund (HDF) confirmed that the sertifik Tamhir st training program provided a certified certificate for the trainee after completing the training program in order to increase the employability of the private sector. .

With the layan Repair ale program aimed at the implementation of the Royal Decree No. 40262 dated 18/8/1437, the uygulan Target tarihli provides a financial reward of 3,000 riye per month to support the trainee.

The training period in the Tamhir program ranges from 3 to 6 months for training in state institutions, international organizations and excellent workplaces, so they can acquire the expertise and skills needed for full-time employment.

The program aims to educate university graduates. The students have to meet the obligations and training requirements in their workplaces. In the program plan.

The tedir Tamhir ileri program provides the necessary skills and skills for the labor market with practical training in real workplaces according to the specializations of the graduates, and aligns the skills required for the labor market with university outcomes.

In this context, Hadaf stated that government institutions, international organizations, companies and private sector organizations can participate in the program and can offer training opportunities to the national cadres of Saudi graduates through the National Action Portal (Taqat).

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