Wednesday , September 28 2022

Artist Dolly Shaheen’s state of health after the attack…


Lebanese actress Dolly Shaheen has been attacked by several people, according to her media adviser, and will not be able to make any statements or reveal the details of the incident until she checks her health.

Dolly Shaheen’s media consultant confirmed that her health condition had improved very simply and she was receiving treatment and painkillers.

It is noteworthy that director Hazem Fouda has finished filming more than two-thirds of the scenes of the 60-episode drama “The Memluks” starring Dolly Shaheen, Rania Youssef and Bayoumi Fouad.

Dolly Shaheen presents the character “Nani”, an expert in horoscopes, in the events of the series “Mamluks” as she has finished filming more than half of her scenes at several locations on Mansourieh Road, and the series is scheduled to premiere next December.


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