Friday , May 20 2022

Apple Announces Mission of India's President for Managing Operations in India


Apple Announces Appointment to Manage its Operations in India in India On the seventh day we published in our News Newspaper Announces Appointment for Apple to Manage Operations in India, Apple, India & # 39; to manage their operations in a Nokia President has visited the Appointment of our Visitors New News Today With the biggest news, Apple, the President of Nokia to manage the activities in India announced the appointment.

Apple recently appointed Ashish Chowdhury as its new Indonesian Operations Manager from January 2019. He is currently working as a customer operation officer in Nokia.

By site Economic TimesThis information was confirmed earlier in the day by Nokia Netwirex. Fish said Chaudhry will continue to work with Nokia by the end of the year and will join another company next year.

As a result of the company's attempt to increase its market share in India, Apple Chaudhry has chosen to carry out its business in the country, and as a result of its expertise and knowledge of the local industry, the company is trying to improve its financial results in the fastest growing markets after Beijing and the US. has also made a leader.

Apple lost a small number of executives in August, so the company's new deployment is seen as an important part of the company's ongoing restructuring, Apple has sold a ruthless number of iPhones in India last year (3.2 million units) and shares the market value at 2 percent. d.

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