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Antibiotics when their use is a health hazard

Antibiotics when their use is a health hazard

It is the most commonly used antibiotic to have sore throat, even ear infection, urinary tract infections, or antibiotics against skin infections. Medicine.

Antivirals are a wide range of infections, including fungal, viral and bacterial infections, and a wide range of infections. There is no single type of antibiotic that can treat all infections.

Antibiotics specifically treat infections caused by bacteria, either kill bacteria or prevent their proliferation and proliferation, but antibiotics do not work against any viral infection.47621-% D8% A7% D8% B3% D8% AA% D8% AE% D8% AF% D9% Use of antibiotics

When to use antibiotics

Antibiotics are specific to the type of bacteria that are caused and caused by the disease, for example, bacteria that cause respiratory tract infections, antibiotics, antibiotics to fight respiratory infections, and antibiotics, when used properly, are generally safe with some side effects.

However, according to Drugs, antibiotics can cause side effects that vary from a condition to a life-threatening condition.

Antibiotics can be dangerous and should be adjusted according to the condition of each patient:

Infections and the elderly.

Patients with kidney or liver disease.

Pregnant or nursing women.47850-% D8% A7% D9% 86% D9% 88% D8% A7% D8% B9% D8% I antibiotic treatment

The most common antibiotic infections:


Public inflammation.


Ear infection.

Sexually transmitted diseases.

Skin infection or soft tissue.

Throat ache.

Upper respiratory tract infection.

Urinary tract inflammation.A% D8% A8% D8% D8% A8% D8% Antibiotic side effects

Side effects of antibiotics

All drugs have side effects, but when used appropriately, antibiotics are relatively safe with a few side effects, but some antibiotics are known to cause side effects.0a7e57aa87.jpg Antibiotic effects gastric disorders

Common side effects with antibiotics include:

skin redness.


Stomach discomfort.

Fungal infections such as castles.

But when some of these side effects occur, you should go to the doctor:

Severe allergic reaction resulting in difficulty breathing, swollen face (lip, tongue, throat, face).

Severe, bloody or stomach spasm.

Vaginal yeast infection with white rashes and severe itching appearance.

Mouth ulcers or white spots in the mouth or tongue.
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