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An Egyptian artist captivated fans with no make-up

An Egyptian artist celebrating Halloween this year, however, appeared before the audience without makeup.

Egyptian singer Sandy wrote to her viewers and followers that she didn't have to do a special make-up for "Halloween" with her account on the Instagram social network account, and that she chose to choose this picture after only two hours of sleep. .

Contrary to expectations, the image impressed Sandy's fans, after waking up, she praised her appearance and emphasized that she maintained her beauty without make-up.

Participating in the closing ceremony of the third session of the El Gouna Film Festival, Sandy has already caused controversy wearing a men's costume.

It is noteworthy that Sandy provided songs about the problems of adolescents from their most famous song "All Near" and released six albums entitled "Love" in 2016.

Halloween is a celebration held in many countries on the night of October 31 each year. This appears after the end of summer.

However, the idea developed when some children and young people began to wear korkunç scary kost costumes to joke scare residents of nearby houses during Halloween Day.

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