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Al – Riyadh Newspaper Faisal bin Bandar: The offerings of the kingdom embody the Saudis


Prince of Riyadh celebrates the generosity of the fifth Arab Donation Forum and Princess Sarah Al Faisal

Faisal bin Bandar: The offerings of the kingdom embody the Saudis

Royal His Majesty Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of the Riyadh Region, praised the work of humanitarian aid and philanthropy with the support of our wise leadership and stressed that Saudi Arabia is always the most important priority in giving and giving. In a message representing the Saudi man.

His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Arab League for the Development of Youth in the Arab Region, The idea of ​​the adoption of the tender is a great idea and it has many aspects that society and the beautiful initiative clearly create, by showing the pride of the existence of such works in the Arab world.

The Prince welcomed the choice of HRH Princess Sarah Al Faisal as a proponent, opened a big tender, and created great fingerprints in his social work, good wish, God willing, long-lasting, Tomorrow's Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors Nov and all association employees He thanked his brothers in the United Arab Emirates for their Excellency and wished them success and lasting payment.

And on this occasion, the opening ceremony of the speech, told the Qur'anic verses and made a presentation on the initiative of the Zayed tender and the Zayed tender. The CEO of Adel Al-Shamri's initiative gave a presentation. He said the forum was aimed at promoting the culture of volunteer work and governmental institutions that provide and promote humanitarian aid, as well as to promote the rehabilitation of young and non-profit and youth. Community development

And in honor of her efforts and as the sponsor of the Arab tender in honor of the role of philanthropist her royalty Flavors Princess Sara Bint Faisal bin Abdulaziz announced the election.

He added that the Forum will endeavor to implement the best international practices, exchange information on trends and technologies and their implementation in the area of ​​social responsibility, and in addition, a strategic partnership will be established between the public and the private sector to promote Arab charity.

The President of Al Ghad Youth Association Princess Nouf Bint Faisal Bin Turki, touching on the brotherhood, Arabism and values ​​that bring the United Arab Emirates together in Saudi Arabia with the awareness of religion, mutual satisfaction and motivation, learning, made a speech emphasizing the bond.

Princess Sara Bint celebrated Faisal's election as a tender knight, emphasizing its history and its role in the development of values ​​and philanthropic initiatives.

His Majesty, in the Riyadh Region, honored a number of statesmen and supporters, and took a memorial armchair for the occasion.

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