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Al-Akhbar Al-Akhbar – The overthrow of "50" supported by "Kaptag" in Riyadh


Posted 1 minute ago – 8:19 PM, 7 Rabi & al Awal 1440 AH, November 15, 2018 AD

Tariq – Riyadh:

Drug traffickers in one of the provinces to the west of Riyadh, accused of involvement in the promotion of narcotic drugs, accidentally captured a school transport driver in the fourth decade and also accused of possession of narcotic pills.

The men of the struggle received several reports on the activities of the defendant a few months ago to start the monitoring process according to a security plan, despite the fact that the movement was constantly concealed and the vehicles were not used.

Sources said the site was raided, the suspect was arrested, there were some cabbages, and a fourth-year-old man was identified as a school transport driver and he was accused of possession of narcotic pills.

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