Friday , August 12 2022

A workshop to raise awareness of the requirements of WTO declarations


The Ministry of Trade and Investment organized a workshop on üs Notification Requirements Bakanlık in the World Trade Organization (WTO) Training Institute and the headquarters of the Ministry.
The workshop aims to raise the awareness of the employees of the government institutions in the Kingdom to prepare the declaration appropriately and to fulfill the obligations of the Kingdom.
During the workshop, experts from the World Trade Organization (WTO) addressed the requirements for notifications of various WTO agreements and a number of authorities were involved in the preparation of notifications from various government agencies.
Undersecretary of Commerce and Foreign Trade Undersecretary Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi emphasized the importance of maximizing the usefulness of technical support provided by international organizations.
Capacity at national level.
WTO member states are obliged to provide periodic notifications to the WTO in accordance with certain regulations in order to ensure transparency in internal trade.

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