Monday , May 16 2022

A Trio Competition between Sarah, Rania and Kamel: Make Me Magdy (Photos)


On the one hand, the events between Sarah Salama on the one hand and Rania Youssef and Nur Fakhri on the one hand, and Majdi Kamel on the other, both because of the party's desire to retaliate against the other and Magdi Kamel to present an officer's personality and to reflect the scenes of the action, Sarah and Rania and Nur & # 39; Although he trained the triangles of flour,

In one of the villas, he wore four-wheeled sportswear and decided to show the 100-meter jogging scenes. Michael Kamel was subjected to a sniper's attempt to shoot this scene. The film was filmed by director Adel Al-Aasar in one of the villas on one of the scenes for two days. Social comedy frame.

The film was produced by Arian Fahim and composed by Hamdi Youssef, starring Rania Youssef, Majdi Kamel, Salah Abdullah, Edward, Sara Salama, Ahmed Salama, Noor Fakhri, Suleyman Eid, Issam Karika, Magdy Shukri, Abdel Hamid, Alaa Zinham and Ahmed Mounir. composed by music artist Hani Mhani and photography director Nizar Shaker and Estealist Maha Baraka. Ghada Ezz El Din and El Magsag Tarik Alloush & Decoration Engineer Mohamed El Moatasem.

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