Thursday , August 11 2022

1400 cases of measles have been recorded in Israel since the beginning of 2018


The Israeli Ministry of Health said more than 1400 people have had measles in Jerusalem since the beginning of 2018, and a baby who is believed to be infected with measles is dead.

Deputy Minister of Health Deputy Director Itamar Grotto told Yedioth Ahronoth on Wednesday that one in 1000 people who are not immune could kill measles in case of contracting the body as a severe immune response to fight the rapidly spreading viruses.

”There is no treatment for measles because it is a viral disease that does not contain antibiotics,“ he said. Mek If the patient's condition deteriorates, our only remedy is to stay in the hospital, get the fluids needed for the body, and rely on the breathing apparatus to fight the disease. No, the patient dies.

The Israeli government mobilized Jewish rabbis, the ”rabbis kendi, to force the ları Orthodox Orthodox Jews ılmış to vaccinate their children as measles.

In a related context, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Thursday night that the veteran Rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox community published a fatwa that considers the child's parents who avoided infusing him as a murderer.

The newspaper, Tel Aviv near Tel Aviv near Haim Haim Breier hospital, a doctor working as a health director, a doctor in the field of preventive medicine, he said.

Haham Yitzhak Zilberstein, who was seen as a religious authority on medical matters in Jewish law, published a fatwa stating that vaccination against measles was imperative and that everyone who prevented ve self-rescuing, was accepted as ak a blood savior Yahudi. Fatwa was signed by a number of senior rabbis.

According to the Kikar Hishabat website, which is close to the Orthodox Jews, the reason for their child's vaccination from being vaccinated is due to a fatwa issued in 2010 by rabbits in relation to the vaccine against swine flu that emerged in 2009. To survive if they had two restaurants against them, they don't have to vaccinate.

Orthodox Jews accepted these fatwas to avoid infusing their children against measles.

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