Thursday , July 29 2021

11.11.2011 Price of the dollar on the Sunday evening

According to the latest statistics published by the Egyptian Central Bank, the exchange rate against the dollar was recorded as 17.97 liras at the beginning of the evening reception on Sunday, 17.85 liras.

The exchange rate of the US currency continued to sell its stability in the National Bank to 17.78 Turkish liras, 17.88 Turkish liras for sale, 17.86 Turkish liras and 17.96 Turkish liras in the Suez Channel.

The dollar was also sold at 17.89 lira for 17.89 lira, for 17.85 lira for purchase and 17.85 lira for 17.85 lira and 17.95 lira for the Bank of Arab Africa.

Dollar, Alexandria, Cairo, Credit Agricole and 17.86 pounds for international trades and 17.96 pounds were sold for sale.

In Al Baraka Bank, the US currency price was 17.875 TL, the purchase was 17.96 lira, and the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was sold for 17.89 Turkish lira and 17.99 lira.

The highest price was 17.89 lira at the Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi, while the lowest price was 17.88 pounds at the National Bank of Egypt.

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