Tuesday , October 19 2021

You can be watched by Wi-Fi. I've found a new danger for Android owners


A dangerous vulnerability in devices with the Android operating system has been discovered by experts from Nightwatch Cybersecurity. Hackers can take advantage of this and monitor user movements.. It says Lenta.ru.

Wi-Fi in public areas.

Wi-Fi in public areas.

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Router wi-fi located in space. All devices in field of view. The signal is located in the access area.

Vulnerability CVE-2018819581 was found in the RSSI system. Determines the level of the received signal. In addition, RSSI transmits this information to other programs.

Due to the defect, third-party applications may receive and determine all information about the received signal.. Where the user is relative to the router.

According to experts. This vulnerability exists in all versions of the Android operating system.

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