Sunday , November 29 2020

UAZ "Patriot" has "automatic" – Cars

UAZ Patriot was tested in almost all possible conditions with the road automatic machine di: off-road from city traffic and motorway driving. In risky operating modes, the car moves normally and has therefore maintained its off-road potential, reporting on Autoreview on the basis of Sollers' sources with the Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory.

Previously, it was reported that the ya Patriots ”would start equipping the French six-speed hydromechanical gearboxes with the Punch Powerglide 6L50. Such an "automatic" is set between 1.6 and 6 liters in a pair of motors. True, these boxes were already equipped with first-class cars, such as the BMW or Cadillac, and now these automatic transmissions were bought by the Chinese.

Supply 6L50 will be directly from French Strasbourg. According to preliminary information, the new vehicle will be given a three-trim level SUV: “Optimum veril, seviyesinde Prestige a and göre Maximum Ön. The brand does not yet include price tags, but experts argue that a model with a new keybox will cost 70,000 rubles.

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