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On November 14 of this year, the long-awaited event finally took place – Fallout 76 Steam, the most anticipated toy of this year, was released. This is the fifth episode of the story that draws players from around the world to their own networks.

While the game itself can pass completely, the main feature is considered a multi-level mode chance.
Remember that one-third of October this year, the game is available for a narrow public. Others began to try the game from the mid-thirtieth century of the same month, but on the fourteenth in November it was made available to everyone.

This will not only work on the Steam game and will only be offered in the launcher studio. Bethesda has announced that they have decided to lower the Valve platform in order to facilitate maintenance. Another reason for the experts noted the desire to communicate with players without intermediaries.

At the same time, Bethesda didn't mention how Steam had previously prevented it from publishing updates or communicating with the audience, so in the game world there is a version of Bethesda that only Vot doesn't want to share 30 percent of sales.

Computer version players encountered a problem during the beta test. Some players could not load the game and the customer had to overload fifty gigabytes.

Also, many users began to complain about other problems during the passage. So, on widescreen monitors the game comes in black stripes. Players cannot adjust their field of view. This item is listed in the configuration files, but then the field of view is beyond the limits of the screen. It appeared that the movement speed could be connected to the frame rate counter.

Play Free Fallout 76 Steam to download: how did the test go?

Bethesda has asked for forgiveness for her beta test. ( The company hopes that there will be errors in the game, but they do not expect the results they face.

Bethesda warned Pete Haynes, Vice President of Marketing,. It wasn't the last shot on the road.

Some errors are likely to be found, but not a fact. As it is not, the game is not very cheap. The estimated amount that you will have to pay for the adventure is sixty dollars.

Please note that the history of the game takes place in the United States shortly after the end of the nuclear war. First, the developers said that the players themselves would build the world first, after leaving their shelters, but after a while, the alignment changed a little.

Enclave, which aims to regain state control over states in the toy organization, is also emerging. Previously, this organization was hiding in the oil rig. In Wastes, you may encounter Rosie, a ruthless leader and a mysterious leader. And the Brotherhood was again to conquer the whole country. It turns out that Brotherhood and Enclave have changed.

Thus, as events emerge twenty-five years after a nuclear war, players in 2102 will not only have to survive, but will also build settlements that will rebuild the world. At the same time fighting survivors, mutants, the rest of the full missions. Some characters will be live players, others – machines.

Game Fallout 76 entered the multiplayer type, but with the possibility of passing a single task. So, with other players, you can group up with four people, or just walk around Heath.

What is the gamepad: the trailer and conspiracy of the game Fallout 76 Steam?

In single mode, you can explore the world and perform tasks. If you gather in groups, that doesn't mean you have to be together. At any time, you can go somewhere, start building a base according to the information in 01: 14: 50. There is no speech wheel, because the publisher asked the players to control the land.

As tasks progress through, the user will take on new tasks. Developers, after the work of the main viewer, it became clear that the transition of the game will take about one hundred and fifty hours.

Eventually, players will have the opportunity to launch a nuclear missile against their opponents. It's just that you have to work hard for this. First of all, it will be necessary to run the code, collect all the pieces, then find a good place and it will be useful to reach.

There are also duel modes here. If a player decides to fire at the enemy, the shots will not produce the desired result until the second opponent responds. Then start the duel and work with full power.

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