Monday , May 16 2022

The week started with an increase in the Russian stock market index


The trade on the Russian stock market began on Monday with the growth of the key indicators: by Moscow time, the MosBirzh index reached 2380.22 by adding 0.32% to the previous close until 10:00. According to the Moscow Stock Exchange data, RTS increased 0.13% to 1.136.44 points in this period.

As analyst "Veles Broker" Elena Kozhukhova, "the outside background at the opening of the transaction on Monday is moderately positive." "Oil prices are rising, the end of last week continues to increase, and signals on global stock markets are mostly optimistic," said the expert.

According to him, "There are mostly positive dynamics in the mornings in Asia at the auction." Edi Japanese Nikkei 225 added about 0.6%. Kozhukhova said the Chinese index is in the "green zone" in the hope of solving the trade conflict with the United States.

. In the morning, Russian stock indices and rubles will be supported by high oil prices and may turn into a moderate surplus ". Tır Otherwise, the fluctuation in the global stock markets is uncertain and this will limit optimism in Russian stock markets. The sanctions issue disappeared in the background, and this week the main betting landa bulls görüş can be made about oil prices and progress in US-China trade negotiations. It is necessary to closely monitor the index's ability to stay on top of the closest supports, in adds the analyst.

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