Thursday , May 19 2022

The expert was called with two SIM cards as the original features of the iPhone Xs Max


The expert spoke with two SIM cards based on the original features of iPhone Xs Max for one month based on trial use. The study was based on the comparative foundations of the smartphone in the Russian Federation and Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong version of iPhone Xs Max received a more sophisticated design solution. The product in the Russian Federation, behind the smartphone, in contrast to China, received a series of service notes. It makes sense to search the gadget brief and distinctive style.

ESIM launched in the Russian Federation, but operators do not support it. The gadget allows you to select packages with the greatest benefit, as well as to filter calls from work and personal nature, as well as to use them in other regions in the presence of the corresponding operator's card.

In the Hong Kong version of the iPhone Xs Max, the sound works ”like an hour ses, but the Japanese version does not have the ability to turn off the camera shutter signal. However, this feature is not a defect – it is observed in the "silent" mode that a ban on shooting law is required.

The Chinese version provides support for the required LTE frequencies, but transfers the call to the SIM card. Currently, access to the Internet network on an alternative card is missing.

iPhone Xs Max is sold at the following prices: US – 83,000 rubles, Hong Kong – 92,000 rubles, Russian Federation – 109,990 rubles. At the same time, delivery from abroad will cost 10,000 rubles.

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