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The doctors told me how long it would take for a smoking.


At least 15 years: Doctors tell you how long a body of a smoker will recoverSmoking is extremely harmful to your health.

Fifteen years – Smokers will need much to improve the health of the heart and to avoid the risk of stroke when they are currently done with their habits.

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Researchers at Vanderbilt University analyzed the data of 8,700 volunteers for 50 years and discovered that the body needed more than 10 years to get rid of the damage caused by nicotine, tobacco and other components.

A team of scientists have combined the data of Framingham Heart Study, which began in 1948 and covered two generations of half-smokers.

In the category of "heavy smokers", there were people who drank one or more packs a day more than 20 years. 70% of them then suffered a heart attack.

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People who gave up the bad habit found that after five years, the probability of attack decreased by 38%. In general, however, it took about 16 years to reduce all risks to the level of non-smokers.

20 minutes after smoking cessation, heart rate and blood pressure decrease to normal levels. 12 hours later – Carbon monoxide levels in the blood are stabilized.

After about a week, the risk of a heart attack falls a little, as the heart and blood vessels are no longer exposed to chemicals in cigarette smoke, which makes platelets more artık sticky Yaklaşık and cause unwanted blood clots. However, the risk of heart disease has been ongoing for a long time.

In the future, researchers intend to examine more closely how the possibility of lung cancer development has changed over time.

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