Tuesday , September 28 2021

The body of the fourth passenger of a police car that fell into the river in Sochi was found: Society: Russia: Lenta.ru

Rescuers found the body of the fourth passenger, who was during the flood, in a police car that crashed into the Matsesta River in Sochi. It’s about a child’s body. This was stated by the head of the city government’s civil defense and population protection department, Vadim Snegirev, as reported by RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the bodies of three other passengers were found: the Russian himself, his wife and a familiar family.

As told in the department, the police officer was driving a Toyota car. When he tried to cross the bridge over the branched Matsesta River, one of the passengers got out of the car to clear the way. However, it fell into the water under the bridge. The driver tried to land to save the man, but the car with the passengers was dragged into the river.

According to Snegirev, only the man who fell from the bridge survived.

Earlier, a video of the flooded car appeared on the network. The footage shows a pile of metal on the side of the road. The car has no upper part of the cabin, the passenger seats are crumpled, the car has changed beyond recognition.

The Ministry of Emergencies also considered the need to evacuate the population from Sochi, which was flooded by heavy rains and overflowing rivers. The department concluded that evacuation was not necessary because only a portion of the federal highway entered the flood zone.

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