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Symptoms of unclear lung problems are named.

Symptoms of unclear lung problems are named.The brain uses only 15 percent of the oxygen entering the body.

The most important basic process that provides human vitality, – Breath. In general, remember the basics of Soviet detectives. To determine whether a person is alive, you need to bring a mirror in your mouth and check that you are breathing. This vital process occurs when oxygen is delivered to the lungs and excess carbon dioxide is removed. All this hard work takes the lungs. Today, most are thinking about the health of the stomach, back, skin … but the lungs are often appropriately careless.

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The thing is, the lungs. – single organ without nerve endings. They do not hurt. And people prefer not to think about their situation. Smoking in office buildings, viral infections, toxic fumes, dust, smoke and moldy air – All these can cause problems in the lungs. Unfortunately, most of the time, when a person becomes difficult to breathe, lung diseases are detected in advanced stages.

The & quot; VM & quot; has found out which symptoms should be taken care of over time to start treatment or to prevent disease.

1. Dyspnea

Shortness of breath, stressful situations during physical exercise – norm If dyspnea does not disappear within a few minutes, even if you follow a long time, you should consider visiting the doctor. Shortness of breath indicates that the lungs are in a tense state or the airways are blocked.

2. Confusion

Air is required to ensure adequate thought process. And if, because of problems with the lungs, the brain cannot get the "legitimate" 15 percent, then healthy functioning is no longer possible. One person becomes sleepy, working capacity decreases and muscles are periodically tremor.

3. Weight loss

If you have not changed the food system, your diet has remained the same and your weight has decreased rapidly, which means that the body uses the reserves stored for emergencies. By the way, you don't lose fat. Because of the inflammatory process, the muscles begin to run out and lose weight. For problems with the lungs, a person can not eat much at a meal due to lack of air. In order not to consume energy upon digestion of food, the body gives a sign that the stomach is full.

4. Persistent cough

Cough is acceptable in cases where the lungs are trying to protect the respiratory system from external factors, aggressive and negative effects of the external environment. If a cough occurs without any cause, or has become a chronic stage, you should consult a specialist. These are the first symptoms of lung disease.

5. Chest pain

As mentioned above, there are no nerve endings in the lungs and cannot be diseased. However, there are such things in the shell that covers the wall of the chest cavity. And if any problem develops in the adjacent lungs, then it can begin to send out pain signals. Most of the time, when a person has lung disease, the shoulders, thoracic spine and neck ache. The pain intensifies during the sharp corners of the body, the movement of the arms or the position change.

6. Wheezing and whistling sound while breathing

Whistling – A sign of the constriction of airlines. The air can't get into the lungs enough. After that, the body has lost oxygen and this can lead to irreversible consequences. A dangerous symptom may be indicative of asthma, emphysema or lung cancer.

7. Edema of the lower body.

Pain in the legs and back can also show problems in the lungs. The truth is, because of the wrong functioning of the pulmonary system, the blood circulation is not getting enough oxygen and cannot circulate properly in the body. In addition, oxygen starvation begins in the muscles, which leads to fatigue. The organs do not work properly, toxins do not leak out and the liquid accumulates in the lower part of the body.

8. Headache

This is especially true for morning headaches. If your morning starts with dizziness or pain, you should immediately contact an expert. Dull throbbing headache may be caused by chronic abductive pulmonary disease. In this disease, you cannot take a deep breath and carbon dioxide is formed in the body.

9. chronic fatigue

Inappropriate lung function leads to depletion of the whole organism. Therefore, a sick person is exhausted and gets tired faster than a healthy person. All this is caused by the lack of oxygen in the body.

10. Sleep problems

For example, if you can sleep in a chair or on a high pillow and sleep on a flat surface, it is difficult to breathe, you should check your lungs. Horizontal position makes lungs more difficult. And if you lie in bed at night, with shortness of breath or cough, or if you do not wake up, you need the help of an expert person.

The işt VM ikl spoke with the chest physician at the outpatient clinic of Anna Nikitina, Moscow Health Department, and learned what preventive methods needed to protect themselves from lung diseases.

– Primary Lung Disease – These are respiratory tract infections, so primary prevention should include the necessary influenza vaccine. People under 65 who are at risk are smokers, people who consume alcohol and overweight, as well as those with chronic pathology of cardiovascular and endocrine systems. As for the elderly, in outpatient clinics, they may originate from pneumococcal infection, allowing you to protect yourself from the best known strains that cause pneumonia. Vaccination is recommended for all patients at risk. Don't forget the exam – This is an important aspect of prevention that people often ignore. It can be treated very well in the early stages of the disease of the lungs.

Also, forget about your lifestyle. In an ordinary person, it is quite hypodynamic. I recommend you to do recreational activities: to do sports, swim or at least walk. Meanwhile, the Nordic march is very useful for the prevention and control of pulmonary diseases. All physical exercises aim to increase the body's resistance, which affects the improvement of immunity and health even more successfully.

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It is also very important to observe the work and rest regime. Chronic fatigue has a negative effect on the state of the body. People with chronic fatigue have a higher risk of lung disease. And in no case there is no need to be self-engaged. If something annoys you, it is much more logical to consult an authorized specialist. Correcting an improved case is much more difficult than treating the disease at an early stage.

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