Saturday , May 21 2022

Sokhatsky: Avtomobilistin no recession or crisis


Sokhatsky: Avtomobilistin no recession or crisis


Goalkeeper "Avtomobilista" Vladimir Sokhatsky KHL has regularly won the championship with Spartak (3: 4 OT).

-1 What happened to dık Motorist oldu after getting 3-1? Nothing happened. We continued to play as before. We had good moments for the scoring, but we didn't notice – Spartak goalkeeper played well. The rival is lucky.

Bodrov overtime error? There was a player attacking 0 1 & from 0 den a “. We agreed to give him a transfer – it didn't work. Overtime, the game is now trying to take the risk to create something "3 3", everyone attacked. And any mistake leads to a chance of scoring – this time played against us.

It's just a coincidence. Let's get together a team, let's talk about the reasons for these defeats. And I think we'il fix it. I don't think there's a recession or crisis, ats says Izvestia Sohatski.

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