Monday , May 16 2022

Shnurov Osin :: Show business ::


Sergei Shnurov, the leader of the ev Leningrad ına group, who is known for his provocations and his ability to speak even harshly about the most sensitive subject, was amazed at his fans by writing a poignant poem to singer Yevgeny Osin. Subscribers joined the artist and paid tribute to his colleague.

The fact that Yevgeny Osin dragged himself to the grave, said many Russian pop stars. They tried their best to make the artist swallow him, but each time, the pernicious dependence became even stronger, and he found himself alone in the house alone with alcohol. She left this life alone.

The dedicated musician's touch lines were devoted to Sergey Shnurov. He published a poem that he tried to understand on his Instagram page bir only alcoholism caused the singer to die prematurely, or was it just a symptom of something stronger and not more destructive for the outside world, the essence of this life, and how? he sees a man with a poetic spirit.

Autumn came
Outside the window, not much.
Zhenya Osin is dead,
Because he drank.

Phone ring.
Sidewalk on chalk.
Zhenya Osin is dead
Because he sang.

Crying Girl
The old machine.
Wearing a gray raincoat.
And under her in a bathrobe.

He cried on us
Leaves circled.
Zhenya Osin is dead,
Because he lived.

Fans have discovered that Sergey Shnurov does not use a single word of profanity in his new poems. And the work itself turned into a very lyrical style and brought melancholy reflections on the meaning and essence of life.

Before the poet pleases his listeners, the bold, protest is almost like young poems. However, in this case, Web users understood the singer and joined Yevgeny Osin, who left his warm words.

Remember that the death of Eugene Osin will be known on 17 November. The singer in the Moscow apartment was found next to her sister. According to preliminary data, the artist died due to cardiac arrest. Relatives, friends and relatives are confident that the musician's health is damaged by alcohol dependence.

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