Thursday , January 28 2021

Shareholders have approved MegaFon's new CEO

On November 13, MegaFon's shareholders meeting approved the appointment of Gevorg Vermishyan as the CEO of the company for a three-year term. This announcement was announced sites company.

Previously, the general manager of MegaFon was held in August by Sergey Soldatenkov, who explained his departure from the post. In October, it was understood that the company's board of directors was known. He offered Since November 2017, he has been the executive director of the company to assign Vermishyan to this position.

As executive director, Vermişyan was responsible for managing its subsidiaries and operator branches, building networks and monitoring the implementation of the development strategy. In contrast, Soldatenkov supervised relations with shareholders and government agencies, and was also responsible for MegaFon's key government projects, including participation in the digital economy development program and participation in the World Cup.

“I would like to thank the company's board of directors and shareholders for their trust in them. I'll make every effort to strengthen MegaFon's position as a top player, a high-level employer in the digital innovation market and a better life partner for our customers. The knowledge and competences that we have to develop and develop, "- commented Vermishyan assignments.

Vermishyan joined Megafon in 2011 as Finance Director of the company. From 2002 to 2007, he held various positions at Lukoil Petroleum Company and then audited the Corporate Finance Unit at Sistema.

The company, which was traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the joint management of Soldatenkov and Vermishyan, was not traded on securities traded since 5 October. In addition, MegaFon bought some of the shares traded in Russia. As Vermishyan explains these steps, publicity prevents the company from conducting transactions with the company's more risk profile, experimental partnerships with new products and technologies, expansion of partnerships with state institutions, and accumulation of money and investments instead of instant dividends.

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