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Rally studded civil tire: why and why

How did the French manage to create a product one step ahead of its competitors? Is it really an unprecedented number of spikes? The R16 is an incredible 250 parts, even on tires with a small seating diameter and 205 mm width! And then more …

Let's try to find out what fourth generation X-Ice North tires do in independent tests according to criteria such as safety in tests, winter road holding and noise level.

Today, there are two Michelin X-Ice North 4 tires for market passenger cars and city crossings, as well as a special version for Michelin X-Ice North 4 SUV SUVs. So for giant tires – tires with reasonable descent diameters of 255 mm width – the number of spikes exceeds the limit of 300 units. Twice the tire of the previous generation.

Michelin Loophole

The higher the studs, the more efficient the tire is, the brakes, holds an orbit, is controlled on ice and full snow. However, there are bans that prevent tire workers from abusing the studs. For example, studded tires are completely prohibited in Germany or Poland. For countries where spikes are allowed, Europeans offered a standard tire – only one of the tires was a treadmill with no more than 50 meters of hair. Therefore, in Europe, they are trying to prevent the formation of fine dust during the impact of the spikes on the asphalt. As a result, these dust suspensions are PM₁₀ and PM – particles – this is not only the cause of air pollution, but also one of the culprits of respiratory and lung diseases.

And yet, the French found a vacuum in law. By certifying a tire with a significantly denser (30% higher than competitors), they were able to fully overcome the limitation legally.

Michelin X-Ice North 4 has undergone a special test for pavement wear in the world's only certified Finnish laboratory Test World, proving that the atmosphere (and the pavement itself) does more damage than regulations allow.

At the same time, the noise level of X-Ice North 4 was reduced due to the mathematical algorithm used to place the spikes. Using a specially designed program, tire workers chose not only the most “quiet” but also the most effective mortise landing for optimum traction when the contact line was always maximum.

Spikes from the beginning WRC

In order to comply with the specified standards and to reduce road wear, the rubber composition was made soft: now, even when the temperature drops to very low values, the tire remains elastic. In addition, rolling resistance indicators have been developed.

The shape and material of the nail have changed. The previous spike made of aluminum alloy led to harder steel steel with facets cut according to the example of "bad" rally "nails".

With active work, such a spike adheres to the coating not only by the core, but also by the edge of the body, which has visibly lost weight in a sports diet.

Here's an explanation of how the X-Ice North 4 is sometimes ahead of its closest competitors by the whole body in braking tests on ice.

The story, in fact, isn't just about completely boring braking and safety. The new tire is a source of pleasure and a real winter ride, with extremely interesting and well thought-out maneuvers about acceleration in a straight line.

But it's not just the spines. The new tire offers a completely new universal tread designed to work efficiently not only on ice or snow, but also on dry and wet asphalt. For large tire sizes, X-Ice North 4 SUVs have provided additional blocks that form a six-shell tread pattern in each sector. This solution allows you to distribute the load evenly on the contact patch, so that the rubber is pressed more firmly onto the surface, thus providing greater efficiency in the grip of any winter coating.

As a result, since the tire is firmly pressed against the surface, a six-core tread pattern is formed and traction is achieved on any surface.

Personally, it is best to count the sudden numbers on a new tire in the store of an official Michelin dealer. It won't be hard to lose the count, but here the experts will quickly determine the recommended tire size for your model. In addition, many formal trading solids now offer a welcome bonus-free tire service. I mean, you know, it's calmer.

You can review all information about the new product and order it immediately from the company's official website.

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