Tuesday , October 4 2022

Prigogine boasted of his beautiful wife on Baskov’s festive evening


The artist had some fun with a huge silver heart necklace on her chest.

Joseph Prigogine caught Valeria's fiery dances at Nikolai Baskov's birthday party
Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Instagram.com/prigozhin_iosif

In the latest Stories of the personal microblog of music producer Joseph Prigogine, a recording appeared from the anniversary of Nikolai Baskov. The star in the famous frame was Valeria’s beloved wife.

Dressed in a plunging deep-necked black dress, the singer adorned her neck with a large heart-shaped necklace. Valeria outlined her lips with red lipstick, drew hidden arrows in her eyes and gave a light shape to her head.

Artist Valery Meladze’s “Salute, Vera!” He started dancing to his song. Prigogin caught his wife having fun.

Also, Joseph Prigogine showed the festive atmosphere on the evening of the anniversary of Nikolai Baskov. Delicious food, live music and tables with the most popular celebrities of the Russian scene – all this can be seen on the birthday of 45-year-old Nikolai Baskov.

We will remind, earlier Yana Rudkovskaya posed with Nikolai Baskov in a Dior bustier dress. Also, the wife of Evgeni Plushenko showed the outfit of the birthday boy. Basque chose a snow-white color for his 45th birthday. Pop natural blonde wearing a sequined suit over a jacket. And the milk butterfly completed the artist’s image.

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