Friday , October 22 2021

On January 1, 2019, Sberbank's customers received a two-fold surcharge.


Russia's most famous and largest bank, Sberbank has more than 85 million customers nationwide and more and more. Many people who follow the news know that since January 1, 2019, many laws and innovations, including those related to the payment of various social benefits, will come into force. Against this background, many people are now wondering who to give premium to it?

This is not surprising, because less than two months pass before the start of the new year, and this time will fly very quickly because New Year sales are ahead. The first premium is waiting for all pensioners using the services of Sberbank or other credit institutions. The old age pension will increase by 7.05%, which is now taken by everyone. Now it is enough to multiply the current by 0.0705 to find out how big it will increase. The amount will be more inden premium ”than the Russian government.

The second increase, of course, is not all waiting. Initially, it should have been repaid from January 1, 2017, ie two years ago, but because of economic problems in the country, nothing happened, but it will come out next year. Residents of all rural areas who have been working in agriculture for more than 30 years (formally) will receive an additional pension of 25% of their fixed size.

In monetary terms, this amount will be in most cases 1,350 rubles. Yes, the money isn't very big, but it's still better than nothing. It is important to understand that this increase in pensions is only for the non-retired pensioners who have social benefits from the state. You will not have to apply to Sberbank or the Russian Federation Retirement Fund to begin receiving them from January 1, 2019, because they will be automatically paid to anyone legally required by January.

Previously, Sberbank customers' deposits were reported to be transferred to the Russian budget.

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