Tuesday , September 28 2021

Muscovite who wanted to correct the shape of the nose was pierced with a skull: Events: Russia: Lenta.ru

During an operation to correct the nose, a resident of Moscow was pierced from the base of the skull. About it reports on the TV.

A 25-year-old woman went to rhinoplasty in a private clinic. During the operation, the surgeon performed a false manipulation, which resulted in severe bleeding, which could not be stopped by itself.

The surgeon told an ambulance team that bleeding was the body's response to drugs. Later this version of the city hospital was not approved. The victim has already had several operations, her life being supported by a ventilator.

The investigation committee was interested in this, a preliminary investigation was held.

On November 14, a resident of the state of Texas went to Mexico for plastic surgery to save money. Operation failed – due to the anesthesiologist's error, the woman had a heart attack and developed brain edema. Doctors refused to give the medical card to their relatives until they were paid in full.

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