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Liza Arzamasova told the story of the love of their grandfather


Liza Arzamasova showed an archive of her grandfather. The couple celebrates 60 years of November 15, from the date of the wedding. Instagram, the actress told their love story.

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Today, my grandparents are having a great history 60 years after the wedding. I love them so much 18 I'm very proud of them 22 My grandfather says that everything is ”usually Onları: we met at the age of 22 and he was 18 years old. She was marrying her for four years … And she asked these questions: I made an offer n and # how we got married insk, – “Once we went to the dance at Leninskaya Street, we went through the Bureau of Registration. I say: let's go? He answered: Let's go. We want immediate details: ın What? Exactly? “Grandfather says:” Of course. For what? We were already very good friends. Uy uy uy So, indeed, he … he missed the marriage records, because he worked as an electrician in the tanker, well, there was such a story he went to in the sea.)) Evlilik Worried ”we ask. "Nooo, if the kids are real, he said he'd understand." This is out! Aba And like this, 64 years old and friends are … # anniversary of wedding # grandma # grandfather # love

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He confessed to the social network that he was proud of his relatives. Sixty years ago, it turned out that my grandfather missed his marriage record because he worked as an electrician in a tanker. He had to go on a long journey, but his lover still waited.

. I love them so much… “said Lisa.

Fans admired this love story and realized that Lisa's beauty was clear from her grandmother. According to the subscribers, the actress has expanded her copy.

Ler Great Story “, aye Congratulations! Health for your grandparents! Orum, dil This is an amazing story bir, hali I wish you, as well as health, good mood and a long life! ., & The beautiful story of a happy life ”, en Lisa, you're like your grandmother”, – commented on the web.

Earlier, Arzamasova admitted the lack of alcohol due to.

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