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Kirkorov paid treason treason Galkina – source: Business: VladTime

According to a man close to Philip Bedrosovich's immediate surroundings, the singer who recently stood behind Maxim Galkin's content that has compromised content.

It's no secret to Kirkorov that anyone loves Pugachev so far. Once, prima donna came to Philip for everything: the mistress, his wife and his mother. The singer, who is still nostalgic and radiant sad, recalls the years of his life with Allah and claims that he will continue to feel for him for the rest of his life.

In an interview, Kirkorov said he would conquer Pugachev for the rest of his life. Apparently, these were not empty words, and Philip decided to continue the attack. After all, according to an anonymous report, he ordered a campaign to discredit Maxim Galkin in the eyes of his wife.

"The whole story about Galkin and Baranovski's novel was sucked from his finger. They communicate with each other on television as they do with other colleagues. Maxim, once upon a time in the video of Dimitri Nagiyev, was not a chance Baranovski held on his lap. It was a joke, then everyone was having fun and having fun, but black PR people hugged it."- says the source.

If such rumors were played only in the hands of Yulia Baranovskaya, and he consciously warmed the intrigues of fanciers, Galkina was extremely annoying and refused to comment on it. However, the television presenter failed, and they said that all the rumors about the relationship with Galkin were invented in yellow print and they saw each other about work three months ago.

So far, it's hard to tell if Kirkorov has reached the goal. However, the fact that the atmosphere of the family of Galkin and Pugacheva have been heated – is a fact. He was opposed to the background of the experiences of Diva, exacerbated by chronic illnesses in which Leonid Agutin was unable to attend the anniversary concert. So, it's worth following the situation even more closely, especially since Galkin is currently navigating through the United States, and Pugachev is strengthening in a neighborhood outside Moscow … Perhaps Kirkorov will take advantage of the moment and make a new move.


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