Monday , June 27 2022

Karpin talked about how he had a dialogue with Dzyuba after the announcement of the expanded composition of the national team.


Head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin 33-year-old St. Commented on the situation with the rejection of the invitation to the national team from the St. Petersburg “Zenith” striker Artyom DzyubaHe was on the extended list of candidates.

“First of all, St. we met in St. Petersburg (In August – Approximate “Championship”)… “I’m ready, I want, everything is fine,” he said. I said to him: “Okay, study. I don’t know, show me the game, I’ll choose it.” Then it switches to the expanded list.

Then, when the expanded list was released, “In touch?” I wrote. He replied: “Yes, in contact.” I called him and said: “We will give the final list in a week. Are you ready, is everything alright?” – “No, I’m not ready, I need to get in shape.” – “Okay fine”.

Is it normal for a player to evaluate his own form and put his own form evaluation above the head coach? not knowing. The player gets paid in the club but not in the national team. The club will tell him “I’m not ready to play so you don’t get paid”. Everything! What can you do here? What advantage do I have? If he wants – and not necessary, ”Karpin said in an exclusive interview with“ Championship ”correspondents Grigory Telingater and Maxim Pakhomov.

“Leaking information from the national team is challenging.  We will find out where it is.
“Leaking information from the national team is challenging. We’ll find out where he is.” Great interview with Karpin

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