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In Ukraine, the Crimea was compared with "pearls" and regretted the loss.


MOSCOW, November 11 – RIA News. Crimea, Ukraine's citizens in the composition of; a jewel on the peninsula ada, regretted the loss of the peninsula, Verkhovna Rada'nın former deputy Anna Hermann 's NewsOne television channel was located, he said.

Gerhard Schroeder, former German Chancellor. Archive Photo
The Crimea must recognize the Russians, said Schroeder

At the same time, the politician voiced the idea that "the future of the Crimea will become a part of Ukraine", but it is necessary to find a compromise.

Uz We all want the Crimea to return to Ukraine. However, if you look at this question pragmatically, if you look at it in a realistic way, then we all understand that it is impossible at this stage. Maybe we should look at some formulas, think about a compromise. Thus, there will be discussions about reconciliation, which will end the war in Donbas, "said Herman.

The former MP stressed that those in Donbass were the cause of "stupid Kiev decisions". He added that the Crimea voted in the referendum because it "feared and feared the war".

Russian tricolor on the deck of a sailboat Khersones in the Crimea. Archive Photo
State Duma approves Crimean's plan to return to Ukraine

Acak Time will come and Crimea will have to go back to Ukraine. Even if we are not a kingdom, it is very painful to lose such a pearl from the crown. And of course, every Ukrainian would want the Crimea to be Ukraine. But we have desires, but like our own ız Caucasian Prisoner gerekti – ız to match our possibilities with our desires. Arz But we must be realistic and understand that a compromise must be sought Ama.

The Republic of Crimea was a Russian region in March 2014, following a referendum in favor of joining Russia with 96.77 per cent of the voters in the Republic of Crimea and 95.6 per cent of the residents of Sevastopol. Crimean authorities held a referendum in February 2014 after the coup in Ukraine.

In April of the same year, the Ukrainian authorities launched a military operation against self-proclaimed LC and DPR, which declared independence after the February events. According to the latest UN data, more than ten thousand people were victims of the conflict.

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