Wednesday , October 5 2022

In the north of Moscow, the apartment found the bodies of a woman and a teenager – RT in Russian


According to the Research Committee, a woman and a teenager were found in the house of one of the houses in the north of Moscow. They said forensic medicine was working on the field.

A woman and a young body were found in an apartment in the north of Moscow

RIA Novosti, the chief assistant of the main director of the Research Committee of the Investigative Commission for Russia in Moscow, Yuli Ivanov said, Komisyon The bodies were found in a house on Kovalevskaya street in Sofia.

It noted. Andrei Strizhov, head of the Moscow Research Department, went to the site to coordinate the work of the researchers.

Ivanova, there are signs of severe death in the bodies found. According to preliminary information, the dead – mother and son.

Earlier, the United Kingdom began to check after the discovery of a man's body in the playground in Moscow.

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