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“I owe much to Spartak and Russia”

The Paraguayan station wagon has been playing in red and white for almost four years. In a senior interview with Lorenzo's press service, he appreciated the summer changes in the team, chose the main Spartak friend and confessed his love for Russia.


– There was the most ambitious update of the lineup when you played Spartak this summer. Feel like a senior?

– Yes, the team has changed by 80 percent since the summer, in fact, the "old" only me and a few other players remained. In such a case, the result takes time to play and play. Now I believe we're on the right track. Under no circumstances should you give up.

– The team spoke with Ze Luis, Fernando and Luis Adriano.

– I can't say that their separation affected my life and my work. I was a Spartak player before they came, I played with them and now I'm part of the team. Of course, Ferno was interesting and fun with Adri and Ze. For example, on the plane we constantly played on a tablet. But new foreign players came in their place – Schurrle, Thiel, Larsson, great guys. In general, I believe the team is more united than before.

– After the Brazilian departure and Ze flights more calm?

– Yes, everyone does what he wants: he listens to music, watches movies, sits on the phone and even sleeps. Personally, I prefer to sing. I put on my headphones, closed my eyes and sang. I choose mainly Spanish songs, but I can include songs in Guarani, the Indian language. You could say that's my hobby.

Kimin Who are you friends with now? ”

– Good relations with Ayrton and Ponce. Russian players, especially Yeshchenko! We communicate with him almost more than Esekel. Meanwhile, Andrey and I speak Russian.

– Why did you make friends with him? What affected the common Krasnodar history?

– Including. We constantly annoy each other in training, especially if someone is wrong and gives a wrong pass.

– Recently, Spartak only played in Krasnodar. Did the Kuban fans recognize you?

“Yes, they still remember me.” He approached, wanted to take common photos. They remembered those brilliant times for the club.


– You made the centenary encounter with Spartak in August. What did you experience when the announcer announced your success in a full stadium?

– A sense of pride and satisfaction. First of all, I've never played that much in any other club. Secondly, Spartak is a respected team both in Russia and abroad. Four years with red and white was great. And I'd love to have a hundred more matches here. But I don't know if that's possible, because my contract expires soon …

– Designed by the summer of next year. How do you see your future?

– Honestly, I haven't thought in detail yet. I know that we need to have five games in the championship before the winter break and have a cup of matches. Spartak does not deserve under any circumstances because I want to speak in the best way possible at these meetings and help the team out of the current situation! I will try to make sure that everyone in the club and the fans make a good impression of me.

– Would you like to stay at Spartak?

– Sure, but it's not up to me. Most of my career took place in Russia. I owe everything I have won and won to this country. And of course, Spartak: Thanks to this club I was able to. I met wonderful people here and saw red and white fans who I thought were the best in the world. Even when I leave, Russia will remain in my memory as a bright and clear memory.

When such issues come, emotions start to overwhelm! Because no one knows which matches will be the last for the club. I think the games before the winter break are six finals.

– More than six years have passed since you were a Kuban player. Would you recommend staying in Russia for such an impressive period?

– Honestly, there were no such thoughts. I moved to Kuban because he played in the European Union. He set himself the goal of presenting himself in the best possible way to enter a more exclusive club. When he received an offer from Spartak, he signed the contract without hesitation.

– There was a time when you talked about getting a Russian passport. Is the topic closed now?

– This question has a political color. I think I would apply for citizenship if it all depends on me. But the situation is more complicated, so rumors remained rumors.

– You speak Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani. Why aren't you still an expert in Russian?

– why is that? I can speak Russian I have the basic level for everyday life. You need to be a fool, so for six years in the country, at least not to learn a little local language. I think the problem is laziness: it has prevented me from learning a better language.


– The nickname "Native American" has been built in for a long time. Did you like it

I'm totally normal with him, I'm not broken. The Native Americans' Spanish blood really flows through me, which makes me a hybrid. In no case can this be denied. Meanwhile, this appeal is not only used by the fans.

– Who else?

– Yeshenko …

– The notion of ”Mr. Spasm”?

– The first thing I hear is the voice of Yeshenko, who addresses the whole field: “Mr. Spasm!” Well, what can I say? Everything about the case! I'm really uncomfortable with frequent injuries.

– You painted yellow in summer. What was that? Controversial Yeshenko?

Yok It has nothing to do with it. ”Once we were talking to my wife and nephew, we were joking, and suddenly my wife said,“ Why don't you paint one color? ”Just as an experiment, we decided to see how we would look. It was also a way to escape the routine. Two weeks later I gave my normal color back to my hair, but after 20 years someone will watch the chronicles and say: “Wow! Was Melgarejo a blonde? "

– You're the second Paraguayan in Spartak's history. The first of these was the famous striker Lucas Barrios, but did not stay in our club for a long time.

– We've traveled a few times with Lucas on the national team, but we haven't talked about Spartak. Overall, I am pleased to have played the most games in Russia among all Paraguayan legionaries.

– You mentioned the Paraguayan national team. Last year, you flew to friendly games, but you never showed up on the court. During your career, you have only a few games for the national team in your presence. Is that a pity for you?

– Sometimes I ask myself that question. I've been playing at a high level in Europe for almost 10 years, I've played in the Champions League and the European League, but somehow the relationship with the national team has gone wrong. I'm 29 years old. Clearly, the World Cup in Qatar is the latest opportunity for the country to play in a major tournament.


– You said you liked Tarasov borsch, but a new coach, Spartak, started training at Otkrytie Arena. How did you react to the movement?

– The stadium feeds delicious! There are all requirements for good work: an area, a gym, a comfortable dressing room. Personally, the only problem for me is the road to Tushino because of the traffic jam, because I live closer to Tarasovka. Otherwise, everything's fine. This also applies to borsch.

– Domenico Tedesco brought the coaching table closer to the rostrum B, and the team's warm-up before the match is on the side of active fans. Unusual?

– The team is taking advantage of these changes. Like a clean breath. The support of the stands is now feeling even stronger, so I'm just there for it.

What has changed in terms of training with the arrival of Tedesco?

– There are more tactical exercises. Coaching staff includes players in the discussion process. This is interesting for us!

Tedesco speaks five languages, one of which is Spanish. Have you had important personal conversations before?

– We communicate constantly in training, explaining tactical details. We have a complete mutual understanding.

– This season, left and right midfield, managed to play on the edge of the attack. Where does the new head coach see you?

– We haven't discussed my position in detail. The first match in Tedesco started with a pair with Schurrle, then I started to play on the right and ended with the left midfielder. Overall, during the years you played in Spartak, I wasn't just a goalkeeper! Looks like I've already tried other roles.

"And yet, what's your favorite position?"

– In the attack.


– At the beginning of the season, you did not leave the first sequencing stage. If you practice, then just a few minutes. They also scored their first goal in the match with Orenburg when they first started. Does this mean that many unused points are the result of a lack of trust?

– It's no secret: there was a misunderstanding about the coach at the beginning of the season. But then everything was solved and I started playing more often. When you do not practice in official matches, it is very difficult to get the best shape, the game rhythm disappears. Fees and companions are not the same. Now every time I enter the field, I feel physically more confident and stronger. So things are slowly going uphill!

– Some players appear for substitution. Don't you belong to this?

– I like to play more than the first minutes. When I go out for a renovation, I usually need 5-10 minutes to catch up and play the game rhythm. Sometimes I feel the game, how the last whistle came. Also, when you play constantly, you're in better shape, fully assembled and concentrated. Everything's connected.

– Far from Spartak leaders at the Premier League table. In this respect, is the success of the Russian Cup particularly important?

– Of course, because this is your chance to buy tickets to the European Union. But forget the championship, of course, is impossible. We need to do everything possible to get as high as possible.

– What do you expect from the match against Rostov? Competitor is not easy.

– Yeah, the team's strong. Very well defends, have quick counter attacks. But we must remember that we are Spartak. We play at home, and we realize only victory will suit us. Let's fight!

– Do you know the last time the red-white ones put the Russian Cup on their heads?

– Honestly, no.

– In 2003 …

– Wow! Long time ago. The championship had the same number of gold medals, but we stopped this pause two years ago. I will do anything to rewrite my name in Spartak's history.

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