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How to prepare barbecue for freedom: how Tsepovyz fried barbecue


Fun stories of the Federal Prison Service, the Attorney General and Britain

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Looking at the pictures of Chubby and the murderer Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, I started to understand crabs, caviar and kebabs, officials who dreamed of releasing instant messengers, the Internet and even better. Because it is difficult for them to lie.

How to prepare barbecue for freedom: how Tsepovyz fried barbecue

photo: Alexey Merinov

After the emergence of the gastronomy photographs, the Federal Prison Service in the Amur Region, where Tsepovyaz was located, wanted to do something better and they said, they say, past or what should be shuffled – pictures were taken in 2015, measures were taken He was punished guilty. And it turned out – he gave all his courage.

On November 6, Deputy Director of Federal Prison Vice President Valery Maksimenko said that now Tsepovyaz is "under the most severe conditions".

But then, on November 8, the General Directorate of Prosecution decided to put five kopecks. And suddenly the prosecutors dair repeatedly in 2018 ın revealed that Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz conducted a study of how he lived there. And all kinds of good and facilities – al food with high material value tarih, additional dates, appeared to take the opportunity to use the cell freely. With relatives, sms-correspondence and different numbers led. Despite the disciplinary sanctions, he received visits as a reward. He can enter the colony's office freely and call from landline phones.

Now we're following our hands. In July 2018, the public prosecutor filed with the opinion that he should take the lead at headquarters no. ”After the conclusion, two people were brought to disciplinary responsibility“. However, a repeat check in October 2018 showed that kiş violations of illegal privilege to a particular person continue to occur Ancak.

So, in 2015 Tsepovyaz swollen. The criminal was punished. In the summer of this year continues to fat. The criminal was punished. He's getting fat in October …

It would be strange if Alexander Bastrykin did not appear on the stage at that moment. The head of the investigative committee, Tsepovyaz, instructed prisons to # legally assess the actions Araştırma, simplifying the conditions for “terrible crimes against people Araştırma.

You cannot ask what will prevent the legal assessment of all these three years. Or, at least, not long ago, when the public prosecutor sent a criminal case to the investigating authorities (as he claimed) before the publication of the small photographs.

Do you think then that Tsepovyaz "is involved in the most severe conditions"?

On the other hand, Andrei Babushkin, a member of the Human Rights Council, does not see anything wrong with a kebab. If a captive, vard quoted by Interfax, bun works honestly in production, follows the instructions of the administration ırs what is wrong with this “there is a kebab on the table“. A prison is "preparation of freedom, above all, the suffering and cruelty of the human condition." Indeed, Tsepovyaz will be released and the crabs have forgotten how to beat. Disorder.

I can only remember a small statement at the hearing of the killing of 12 people in the house of the farmer, Ametov, in Kushchevskaya village: So I wanted him to suffer and that his relatives suffered. We dragged him into the saloon – he was still breathing and we were dealing with the others before his eyes. Then they turned the bodies into a heap and placed a 9-month-old Amir, the grandson of Ametova, from above on the mountain of a corpse. He was alive, crying. The bodies were filled with gasoline and set on fire. We looked at the clock and were surprised – we turned everything in about ten minutes. "

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"The baby's grandmother, the dog killed, talked about the chain chain and crabs."

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