Tuesday , September 28 2021

Golden Judge Khakhalev is dismissed

What can the staff shift mean?

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Alındı ​​Golden Judge başkan Elena Khakhaleva was removed from his post as the chairman of the Krasnodar District Court. Now Khakhalev will work as an ordinary judge.

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The decision to dismiss Khakhaleva was held at the presidential meeting of the district court and was announced by the President Alexander Chernov. Staff changes in court explain the need for structural changes.

Earlier this year, in September of this year, the President of the Supreme Court decided to remove Khakhaleva from the presidency of the Krasnodar District Court. Since July 2015 on the catwalk. The reason for the exception was not specified.

Recall that a year ago Khakhaleva gained fame after a video of his daughter's wedding was published on the Internet. The victory was later estimated at two million dollars. Pop star took the stage at the wedding. Hahaleva himself explained that the cost of it is met by the former husband, the father of his daughter Georgian businessman Robert Hahalev. This claimed that the wedding cost five million rubles and that Meladze and some other stars were invited as friends.

The review of the special commission of the Council of Judges of the Krasnodar Territories confirmed these facts.

But then the story appeared – with the diploma Khahaleva. Officially, a document on higher legal education was given to the Tbilisi State University by the Krasnodar District Court judge. However, journalists and lawyers questioned the reality – the story of Khakhaleva's high-law education was really confusing. The objections were even sent to the Research Committee. However, at the beginning of August, there were reports stating that there was no evidence of any crime during the examination, referring to a source in Russia's IC, and therefore refused to initiate a criminal case.

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